Cold rooms

The development of controlled atmosphere fruit and vegetable storage in U.L.O. (ultra low oxygen) and recently D.C.A. (dynamic controlled atmosphere) requires the construction of even tighter rooms and the use of modern materials and technologies.

Tightening panels

We manufacture gas tight rooms using composite panels with a styrofoam or polyurethane core. Panel joints are gas tight insulated - the interior of the room, thermally - panel core and the outside of the room is steam tight. There is a double layer of gas tight insulation on the inside. A polyurethane sealer is used to insulate the joints. The flooring is insulated using hydro-insulating plastic, laid under the concrete (reinforced) flooring and a layer of hard thermal insulator. We do not omit any of the above elements. Combined with accurate workmanship and our extensive experience it guarantees tightness required for D.C.A. technologies. Only robust manufacture of rooms guarantees appropriate tightness for many seasons. All gas tight rooms are subject to special leak tests and satisfy the requirements of U.L.O. technology. We also manufacture rooms which comply with D.C.A. leak tests.

Room dimensions

Typical interior dimensions for cold rooms which we recommend to producer groups and large farms include:


Typical interior dimensions for cold rooms which we recommend medium and smaller farms include:

Cold room equipment

Every room is equipped with a "water" or mechanical compensating valve, protecting it against damage caused by pressure variations. Additional gas tight rooms equipment includes a compensation sack which reduces pressure fluctuations in a cold room which means that there is less mixing between room atmosphere and ambient air. Gas tight rooms are equipped with refrigerating devices ensuring accurate maintenance of preset temperature , high humidity and correct air movement. The composition of atmosphere in the room is automatically controlled using the CO₂ adsorber. Both temperature as well as make up of the atmosphere may be registered, stored and  controlled by a PC computer. Full control of parameters and their steady maintenance across the entire room allows to retain the highest quality of stored fruits and vegetables.

Example realizations

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